Sinningia leucotricha (Rechsteineria leucotricha)


Name: Sinningia leucotricha (Rechsteineria leucotricha)

Tuber size: 1-3 cm

age: 1 year+

country of origin: grown in the Czech Republic

growing method: from seed

location: Brazil (Paraná)

plant color: light brown tuber, green to slightly white pleasantly soft leaves

flower color: orange

soil composition: substrate with perlite and silica sand in a ratio (3:1:1)

vegetation: requires diffused light

Cultivation: It is not a plant for full sun, it grows at altitudes of about a thousand meters from the forests of the Brazilian state of Paraná. In the shade, however, the plant languishes, looks unhealthy, and its leaves partially lack the felty and pleasantly soft growth on their surface. The whole winter, the tuber sleeps in the cold (5-10°C), perhaps even completely dry (in the heat with occasional watering), and usually wakes up only at the beginning of March. As soon as we notice small growths near the sunken center of the tuber, we start with careful but regular watering so that we don't needlessly lose part of the bright red flowers before long.

fertilization: krystalon fruit and flower (May)

chemical treatment: Movento 100 SC

information: I send without soil and flowerpot

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