Strange flycatcher (Dionaea muscipula)

Name: Strange flycatcher (Dionaea muscipula)

size: 4-6 cm

age: 1 - 2 years

country of origin: grown in the Czech Republic

growing method: from seed

location: -

plant color: dull green

flower color: white

soil composition: peat and siliceous sand in a ratio of 4:1

vegetation: found in acidic swamps, in poor sandy and stony areas

Cultivation: The flower pots should stand in a bowl with about a centimeter level of water. After they use up the water, we have to refill it immediately. Drying out the soil will kill the carnivore. They can withstand temperatures from 5-35 degrees Celsius. In winter, a temperature of 5-15°C is enough for them, but they should not stand in water and they can die.

fertilization: they get from the food they catch

chemical treatment: none

information: I send without soil and a flowerpot with a wet paper napkin in which the roots are wrapped for sufficient moisture. Carnivores do not need nutritious soil to live, peat is enough, which is acidic and poor in nutrients

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