How to clean seeds after harvesting


I would like to show you what cleaning cactus seeds looks like and that it is nothing complicated :-)

First of all, let's prepare a textile cloth, the finer the better, so that the seeds can be "felt with your fingers" when rubbing through the cloth. (see 1st photo)

In the next photo we have a seed pod (see 2nd photo), just cut it open with your fingernail and pick out the seeds and put them on a cloth. (see 3rd photo)

Then we fold the cloth and make a bag out of it. (see 4th photo)

We hold the ends of the bag and, under a stream of lukewarm water, massage the end of the bag with the seeds until we feel the gel from the seeds on our fingers. (see 5th and 6th photo)

When we can no longer smell the gel, squeeze the water out of the cloth and spread the cloth on a bowl and let it dry. (see 7th photo)

Put the bowl in a warm place, and especially where there is no draft.

After drying the seeds, we remove the remains of the seed, if there is any left and put the clean seeds in a paper bag.

We can make that one, it's not difficult.

Plastic zip bags are not suitable, there is a possibility of mold