How to sow cactus seeds


Before we want to sow cactus seeds, we need to be aware of 2 terms. Seeding is not the same as seeding.

Sowing is done on the surface of the substrate, while sowing is done below the surface of the substrate.

If you have bought seeds on the website, you will not have to worry about cleaning the seeds, we will get to that later.

Now we will need a few things that we cannot do without during sowing.

boiled water, hydrogen peroxide (purchased at a pharmacy), previcur (anti-fungal), sprayer for plants, a bowl with a transparent lid, sterilized substrate, rubber bands, heat, timer and light

We start by sterilizing the substrate. We take an ideal canning jar, fill it with 1/4 water, fill the rest with a substrate for sowing (peat, sand 1:3, if it is a genus of gymnocalycium. Peat, crushed limestone, sand 1:1:3 if it is a genus of astrophytum ) cover with a lid and put in the oven at 100°C for approx. 20-30 minutes, until the substrate "smells"

When the process is done. We tip the substrate into the prepared bowls (bowls). We immediately close the bowl so that the steam does not escape. We can adjust the substrate with the bowl by vibrating movements so that there is no "digestion".

We take the seeds, ideally on some paper, on which we put the seeds and slowly sow them on the surface of the substrate, cover the lid again and prepare the correct concentration of previcur in the sprayer according to the enclosed instructions and top up with water.

Spray the seeds with a sprayer and add a few drops of peroxide. Now we close the lid, if it does not have locks, we use rubber bands.

Now the sowing is done. We move it to a warm room, ideally 25 degrees C+ and put the light on the seed and set the timer for 12 hours of light a day